Jouji Saiga

雑賀 譲二

Saiga is a very sharp man, able to learn facts about people through small details of what they do and how they vaguely respond to their surroundings. He is very knowledgable, but prefers to live seclusively and away from society, and rarely leaves his house. He enjoys doing research and quoting famous people. Saiga dislikes the current society and prefers to live the old fashioned way (by growing his own food, having a non-hollow house etc). Saiga is first introduced when Shinya brings his new Inspector, Tsunemori Akane, to see him. From pure observation and logical thinking, Saiga was able to correctly deduce that Akane couldn't swim, both her parents were still alive, and they were worried their only daughter wasn't finding a boyfriend, and they were against her joining the MWPSB, and lastly that Akane's grandmother had treated her with great affection. Shinya later asks to see the list of past course attendees that he keeps, saying it was a personal request, and not an order from the MWPSB; should it have been an order, Saiga would have turned it down. Shinya goes on to explain that he's looking for the 'worst criminal since the creation of the Sibyl System'. As Shinya tells of the many traits of such man, Saiga then goes to ask on what is charisma. For Shinya's answer, he is given 20 points. He then begins explaining that charisma has three elements: the nature of a hero or a prophet, an ability to make one feel good when around them, and the intelligence to eloquently talk of all sorts of things. Saiga then asks which of the elements does the man in question have. Shinya replies that he has all of them Saiga later helps Shinya by helping him discover Shogo's motives. When they find out his next plan of action, Shinya leaves immediately, thanking his former mentor for his help. Saiga tells him that the next time he gets a surprise Hue check, he will be arrested because of his actions. (Source: Wikipedia)