Joushuu Kasei

禾生 壌宗

The chief of the Public Safety Bureau. She often speaks with Ginoza on classified matters and holds the utmost trust in him. She wishes for Shogo Makishima to be arrested rather than killed. In Episode 13, she shares with Ginoza classified files about the culprit of the Specimen Case, Touma Kouzoburou. She explains that he was able to get away with it due to him having a condition known as being "criminally asymptotic", meaning that he could get scanned and have no problems found with him. It is believed that Shogo Makishima possesses the same condition due to his immunity to the Dominator. In Episode 16, after Shuusei and Gu-Song discover the true form of the Sibyl System she appears to kill Gu-Song with the "Lethal Elimiinator". However, she is revealed to be a cyborg and then turns and shoots Shuusei before fading out, leaving their fates unknown. She is actually a robotic body that the members of the Sibyl System use to run the MWPSB. The body is nothing but a shell, used by the members to do their whims. It is only operational when one of their brains occupies her body.