Juubei Kakei

筧 十兵衛

Sex : Male Age : 21 Birthday : 21st August Height : 180 cm Weight : 82 kg Blood type: A Weapon : "Flying Needles" The Kakei clan and the Fuuchouin clan have been allied for 500 years, with the Kakei serving as doctors and bodyguards for the Fuuchouin. When the Fuuchouin main clan was attacked and destroyed, all that Juubei could do was get Kadsuki to safety, and he swore as they fled to Mugenjou with Juubei's sister, Sakura, that he would become stronger so that he could protect Kadsuki. He was a member of Katsuki's gang, Fuuga, and followed him into VOLTS as well -- but for an unknown reason, when Katsuki left Mugenjou, Juubei was not able to follow him... Physician, heir to the Kakei clan legacy; one of MAKUBEX's elite, the New Four Kings. After he was betrayed and abandoned by Katsuki, Juubei continued to live in Mugenjou with his sister, who had chosen to remain in service to MAKUBEX. They are by far his most fervent followers. Juubei is most famous for his needles, which he can either use to pierce unwell blood vessels and heal any wound, or throw with deadly accuracy to kill. However, the secrets of the Kakei clan have evolved to the point where they have other techniques as well, such as using magnetism to control their needles. Juubei's most secret and forbidden technique is the "Kokushin", Black Needle.