Also Known As:

  • Magi
  • Oracle
  • Black Sun
  • Priest

Age: 18-20 Height: 173 cm Weight: 60 kg Family: father (deceased), mother (deceased) Allies: Markkio, Al-Thamen, Gyokuen Ren (former), Hakuei Ren, Kouen Ren, Kouha Ren, Koumei Ren, Kougyoku Ren, Hakuryuu Ren Enemies: Sinbad, Ja'far, Masrur, Aladdin, Alibaba Saluja, Ugo Djinn: Cassim (former) Occupation: Magi, Magician and Oracle Affiliation: Kou Empire and Al-Thamen Judar is one of the four Magi in the current era and a Magician specialized in Ice Magic. He is the Oracle of Al-Thamen and the Kou Empire. Judar is very powerful, cruel, arrogant and somewhat childish. Usually he doesn't listen to anyone's advice or orders, and does things his own way. He is usually disrespectful, even to his fellow Magi. He seems to be careless about what others think, goading Sinbad into feeling pity for him and then laughing at him. He is a good actor, and goes to great lengths to mock others. However, he also seems to hold deep grudges as he couldn't forgive Al-Thamen or Gyokuen Ren for using his life for their own ends and asked why they couldn't have used Scheherazade or Yunan and why it had to be him. Judar was chosen by the Rukh and was born in a poor village in the far east plain. Right after Judar was born, his parents, along with everyone else in his village, were immediately killed by Al-Thamen. Judar was taken by the organization, and was taken advantage of before he was able to understand anything. He was taught magic there. He has been in this situation since infancy. Shortly after the founding of the Kou Empire, he was taken there by Al-Thamen and became the empire's Oracle and High Priest. Judar was trained in Magic ever since infancy by the members of Al-Thamen. Since he specializes in Ice Magic he is a "Blue Magician", as ice is a sub-type of Water Magic. Being a Magi, he has an almost limitless supply of Magoi. Nevertheless, without Magic Judal it becomes completely useless, for its physical capacity is very low, having to depend on someone else. He is named after the eponymous hero of The Tale of Judar and His Brethren from One Thousand and One Nights. (Source: Magi Character Encyclopedia, Magi Official Guidebook, Magi Wikia)