Juliet Nao Zhang


Also Known As:

  • Wired Spinel

She can grow her fingernails into claws and is known as Juliet on the streets, a reference to her My-HiME incarnation whose child was named Julia and element was a pair of metal gloves (or rather metal straps on her hand) that can extend her "nails" in addition to sending out razor-sharp threads that can cut through steel. (Mentioned in one of the extras on the My-HiME DVDs, Nao's online alias is also Juliet). She appears to prefer that people call her Nao. At the academy, Nina Wáng was her room attendant and later on Arika Yumemiya was assigned to her as well. It is unknown what she and her gang, the Stripes, do on the street but it appears to be for the cause of good. Her life goal is to find a rich man and live comfortably. Unfortunately, that path is postponed when Nao is chosen to become the 4th Column alongside Natsuki and Shizuru. Her Meister GEM is the Wired Spinel and her element is a giant claw. (Source: Wikipedia)