Age: 25 Height: 188cm (6ft 2in) Weight: 70kg (154lb 5oz) Eye Color: azure Hair Color: gorgeous blond Birthday: August 16 Sign: Leo Blood Type: O Origin: main planet Lineage: nobility Family: father, mother Nature of Sacrea: action (motion), the source of motivation Messenger Came: age 4 Became a Guardian: age 5 Hobbies: horseback riding, chess, darts Interests: shogi, musical instrument performances Best Friend: Oscar Worst Friend: Clavis Ideal Woman: a woman who combines beauty, gentleness, and wisdom Favorite Scent: elegant scents Favorite Animal: horse Favorite Drink: espresso Favorite Food: terrine, truffles Disliked Food: oysters, fried rice, cheese dishes Personality: The head Guardian who esteems discipline. Guardian of Light. In Twin Collection (OVA3), he has a horse named Triomphe.