Jun Uozumi

魚住 純

Year: 3rd Year Height: 202 cm Weight: 90 kg Jersey number: #4 Position: center Jun Uozomi is the team captain. He considers Takenori Akagi his rival, but has never managed to personally beat him, although Ryonan has beaten Shohoku on occasion. However their rivalry is not antagonistic; indeed, there is respect that borders on friendship. When Akagi was outplayed and discouraged in the match against Sannoh, Uozumi was able to restore Akagi's spirits. After the loss to Shohoku in the Kanagawa prefectural trials eliminated Ryonan from national competition, Uozumi left the team to train as a chef, since his family owns a ramen restaurant; Sendoh succeeds him as team captain. Sakuragi likes to refer to him as "Boss Monkey" because he is as well-built as Akagi, and even taller. Uozumi's size and power are unmatched in high school basketball. However, he started as a very weak player, and was ridiculed and bullied by his upperclassmen for only having height but very little of everything else. Ryonan's coach Taoka Moichi encouraged him to continue playing though, and eventually Uozumi developed into becoming a fearsome center. He is considered as one of the top centers in the Kanagawa prefecture. However, his bad temper and lack of control in game situations has led to serious consequences for his team on more than one occasion; during the second match with Shohoku, Hanamichi tricked him into committing four fouls and almost got him ejected.