Junzaburo Shiina

Also Known As:

  • Jun

A long time ago, a samurai named Junzaburo had a relationship with Ran Tsukikage. It was him that had taught Ran how to wield a sword, not to mention introducing her to sake. However, when it came time for Ran to begin her journeys, Junzaburo had lacked the inner courage to accompany her. So the two parted ways.
It was years later when Ran and Junzaburo's paths would cross again. Junzaburo had been placed on retainer with a yakuza boss, protecting his dojo from attacks from those who would take the dojo's sign as a prize. Whenever there was a dojo break, Junzaburo would race from the seedy bar where he would be drinking and successfully defend the dojo. It so happened that a geisha had fallen in love with Junzaburo, but was tricked into marriage by the boss... all in front of Junzaburo.
It was on that day that Ran, who had gotten into an argument with Meow and parted ways with the girl, had walked into the bar with 9 mon to her name, and used it to by a puny bottle of sake (which was equal to a single sip). It was there she had met Junzaburo, and exchanged pleasantries with him, but he had to go to defend the dojo. She had also learned of the geisha that had fallen in love with him.
Later that day, Ran had reunited with Meow, who had came into a very large amount of money, so she conned Meow into a very expensive restaurant for sake and soybean lees. During that stay, she learned more of what had happened. So the next day, she and Meow had broke into the yakuza boss' dojo, knowing that Junzaburo would be obligated to defend it. They had decided to conduct the fight using bokken (swords of teak wood). After a few undecided passes, Ran then maneuvered around and broke Junzaburo's upper arm, insuring that he would never be able to hold a sword again. She then gave her old love a choice: he could stay and be useless... or he could run away with the geisha that had loved him.
Junzaburo wisely chose the latter. The yakuza boss, who was in hiding watching the attack, was alarmed and tried to get his students to stop Junzaburo... but they were all beaten-up by Meow beforehand. Ran then knocked the boss down to the ground and warned him not to interfere. Ran and Meow then left the dojo (with Meow taking the sign, which they discarded later), afterwhich they saw Junzaburo and his lady love walk towards the mountains... and a new life. Absolute Anime