Juzo Togo

東郷 十三

First appearance: Chapter 56; Season 2, Episode 2 He died in his first mission, in the Buddhist Temple Arc, but is notable because he was the first one to have enough sense to realize he could snipe targets from a safe distance with the x-rifle. He stated his surprise that others hadn't tried this before, informing them that the gun had at least a kilometer range. Despite his immediate adeptness with the X-Rifle, he did not bring along his suit. He got to a rooftop early on, and sniped away at the enemies below, killing many. He attempted to kill the boss alien, completely destroying its body twice, but was forced to flee when it reformed and fired its laser at him. He was unseen for some time until he burst from his hiding place in the body of the Rowdy Alien, wielding the trident of one of the small statues. The attack injured but failed to kill the boss, and he almost succeeded in choking the boss to death from its back until he was forced again to retreat by its laser, this time losing both his legs and finally dying to a shot through his head