Juuzou Megure

目暮 十三

Also Known As:

  • Inspector
  • Joseph Meguire

Megure Juuzou, commonly referred to as Inspector Megure, is a Police Inspector (Rank 6) in Division 1 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is almost always there on the scene when a murder occurs, always interviewing the suspects, and acting as the commanding officer of the group of police he brings along with him, among them Takagi Wataru, Satou Miwako, Shiratori Ninzaburou and Chiba. Megure is a capable veteran officer who cares much for his underlings, but he is prone to occasional shouting fits whenever something does not go right or when his temper gets the better of him. He also has little patience for fools, but tends to be a bit too conservative, limiting his ability for flexible thinking. Shortly after Megure had come to the police force, he was involved in a case in which he would meet his future wife, Midori. As a result of the case, he has taken to wearing a hat in public in order to hide a scar which he gained and his own self-consciousness about how he came to his marriage. Megure was also a good friend of star detective story novelist Kudou Yuusaku, and would in the past consult him about one case or another. On many such occasions, Yuusaku would take his son Shinichi with him, who would pick up his father's investigative skills and eventually become a detective in his own right. After Shinichi solved their first mutual case for him, he has regularly consulted him in difficult cases and considered him a great help. In stark contrast to this, he tends not to think much of Conan and the Detective Boys, usually thinking of them as a nuisance until they solve the ongoing case for him. Likewise, from their common police days, he has no high regard for Kogorou, and he thinks that he may actually be under some kind of jinx, since wherever Kogoro shows up, there is always some murder case nearby (a fact which actually conforms to Conan, which in later cases he seems to have realized). In some anime originals, Megure has the habit of trying to tell the culprit about the morals of doing wrong, which he rarely does in the manga series.