Kagesada Sugano

菅野 影定

Kagesada is an arrogant yet cowardly student at Todo Academy. His freshman year, he was clueless about the nature of the school. He arrogantly thought he could actually win the School's Election Tournament. He was quickly put in his place by a teacher, who scared him into realizing he was a nothing in Todo. During this incident, his teacher "christened" him Asshat (Scum in the anime). The nickname stuck, as he was referred to almost solely by his nickname for the majority of his appearances. After that point he tends to be rather cowardly, running from fights etc. By his senior year, he is highly knowledgeable about the school and the tactics of the Executive Council. He appears to be good friends with Shinichir� Kurei, and Masataka Takayanagi appears to respect and have faith in him as well. (Source: Wikipedia)