Kaguya Yamai

八舞 耶倶矢

Also Known As:

  • Berserk

Code Name: Berserk Spirit Number: 8 Species: Spirit BWH: 79-56-81 Height: 157 cm Angel: Raphael Weapon: Bow type Astral Dress: Elohim Tzabaoth Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Orange Affiliation: Raizen High School Occupation: Student Rank: A-Class Spirit Risk Factors: AAA Spacequake: AA Strength: 180 Consistency: 140 Spiritual power: 179 Agility: 240 Intelligence: 69 Outgoing and out-spoken, one can say that she is childish or immature. Kaguya often speaks before considering what she is talking about. Yamai was originally one spirit, but for unknown reasons or causes that may be related with her coming and going between the dimensions sometime in the past; she was split into two bodies and mind. The original personality of Yamai is no more, as well as what type of personality she used to have is unknown to the split Yamais. The Yamai Sisters have been well known to the people who know about the existence of spirit because they often cause major storm in the area every time they come through to Earth. (Source: Date A Live Wikia)