Also Known As:

  • Warp

The main character who does not speak very much. Kaiba has a hole in the middle of his chest and a tattoo of three circles forming a triangle on his belly. At the beginning of the show, he has no memories he can access. Kaiba has great power; it slowly becomes revealed that he is able to survive physical damage unscathed, and he also appears to have powerful abilities to halt or destroy large objects with his mind; however, as of yet, he is unaware of and unable to control these abilities clearly. He also has a vastly detailed and complex memory, in effect total recall. Kaiba's real name is Warp, and he is most commonly known as the king of memories, of whom he is the genuine original. He is one of six sons of his father, the former king; in a conflict to determine his father's succession at the end of his life, all of Kaiba's brothers were killed, and only Kaiba survives with his invulnerability. For some time he ruled in the place of his father, and invented the technology that enabled the preservation of memories, making it available to the people. Since then, it appears that he was closed off and tightly controlled in his palace, closely monitored by some other party through cameras and other devices while generally remaining in power. By the time the first episode begins, he has fallen down through the clouds, and his memories have been closed off to him by the electrical storms inside. Someone else in a clone of his body is currently reigning as king, though he does not have Warp's powers nor memories.