Kairi Okayasu

岡安 浬

Also Known As:

  • Kiley

A popular and carefree classmate of Momo's. He has the reputation of being a playboy, something he isn't exactly proud of. He thought that Momo was the one who once gave him CPR when he'd nearly drowned at the beach when they were younger—only to later find out he'd been saved by the local lifeguard. His interest in her is renewed when Sae spreads rumors about them being a couple. This prompts him to try and make the 'rumor' come true, by kissing her unexpectedly in the beginning of the series. After the two start dating, his insecurities about the relationship are revealed to stem from his unrequited love for Misao, the school nurse and Kairi's former tutor. Note: In the Tokyopop version of the manga, his name is Kiley.