Kakeru Todoroki

轟 駆流

Age: 10 Birthday: May 29 Kakeru has tan skin, brown hair, and auburn eyes. His hair is somewhat messy depicting three lightning strokes on his forehead and on the sides of his hair. Other than that, he sports a red/white headphone and a yellow plaster under the left side of his eye. Furthermore, Kakeru wears a red/white T-shirt with a yellow crossing logo alongside a bagg blue pants with white side bans on the top of his jeans. As for footwear, red/white sneakers are his choice. On top of that, he wears gloves. Kakeru Todoroki is the main protagonist of the Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter series and currently a student at the Arcadia Academy. He views himself as a hero a character that drives in a flashy way and is somewhat stubborn. He is also a extremely, cheerful, and energetic person. He currently resides in the city called "New Yokohama City" - a future version of Yokohama. Also, he is a extremely big fan of wrestling alongside with his friend Michinori who have both been described by Rinne as both wrestling nerds. While fighting in their Gyrozetters, Kakeru, and Michinori both have utlilized wrestling techniques as finishers, or special attacks. Outside of his Gyrozetter, Kakeru has been seen using wrestling techiniques on Michinori. Although he is a fan of wrestling, he choose being a hero above it. Kakeru promised his mother when he will meet someone new he must smile, bow and not cause any troubles. He's the kind of person who can't keep his promises for matters such as arriving on time, and such. Usually, Kakeru pulls off something amazing, expecting it to make up for him being late. Despite this, it's obvious he wants to become ah hero, even to the extent of not wanting to park a car like a normal person. (Source: wikia)