Kakouton Genjo

夏侯惇 元譲/春蘭 (しゅんらん)

Also Known As:

  • Shunran

In the anime: Sousou's cousin and one of her commanders. The elder twin of the Kakou Sisters, she is a strong, prideful, hotheaded person yet is understanding and loyal to her cousin whom she loves and understands her feelings. In the visual novel: She is the elder sister of the Kakou sisters and is also Sousou's cousin and a commander of the Gi kingdom. She is strong on the battlefield, but is fairly dimwitted, shown by her lack of understanding the meanings of proverbs. Like many of Sousou's subordinates, she enjoys being teased by her ruler. In the first game after becoming a captive of Shoku, she is greatly annoyed by Kazuto. In the sequel, Shin Koihime Musou, she tends to exhibit a somewhat childish behavior (like when she cried after dropping and damaging a precious object when a horseman passed too close to her), and she has an awkward view of Kazuto, with a tendency to blush while conversing with him, as if trying to hide any romantic feelings she may have toward him behind her strong steadfast front. (Source: Wikipedia)