Genjou Kakouton


Also Known As:

  • Ton-chan

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Xiahou Dun Birthday: June 30 Horoscope: Cancer Age: 18 Height: 173 cm Blood Type: B School: Kyousho's College, 2nd Year Toushi Rank: C-Rank Manga Affectionately referred to as Basics Ton-chan by Hakufu for his love of using only the most basic moves in combat abhorring (and perhaps being incapable of) any other kind of combat. An honorable but eccentric young man, and apparently studying civil engineering, he goes to great lengths to repair the damage done to any place he fights, patching walls and pavement and believing such a place to be a dojo he must maintain. He is a very good friend of both Sousou and Kakuka and has a crush on Hakufu, who is on very good terms with him. Like his predecessor, Genjou had his left eye gouged out this time by a kunai-wielding assassin (Xiahou lost his eye to an archer) trying to defend Sousou before his dragon awakened. Anime Mostly the same in the first season, acting as comic relief. Goei told him how to beat Hakufu during the Great Toushi Tournament and helped him by distracting her daughter while Kakouton injured her legs. Goei also flirted with him continually, leading most of the Toushi community to conclude that he likes mature women, a belief he vehemently denies to no avail. He still likes Hakufu, who is jealous of her mother and angry with him because she believes the rumors.