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Houkou Kakuka

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Guo Jia
Birthday: September 1
Horoscope: Virgo
Age: 19
Height: 174 cm
Blood Type: A
School: Kyousho's College, 3rd Year
Toushi Rank: A-Rank

Best friend to Sousou and Kakouton, he was destined to die of cancer but somehow managed to be cured. He oddly flickered like a ghost around Kaku, his sweet-heart. Reasonably strong and highly manipulative (perhaps even against Sousou himself), he was put into a coma by Bashoku Youjou, who framed Kannei for the attack.

The same as in the manga except that he did not suffer from cancer and was killed by Bashoku instead of being put into a coma. He is stabbed in the heart rather than in the back and dies from his wounds. He was much stronger as well, being able to defeat Ryomou very easily in the first season. Bashoku had to resort to poisoning before being able to kill him.