Kakunojou Yuyama


A young woman and leader of the Yuyama troupe, Kakunoj�'s parents, shipping and wholesale merchants, were murdered by Hario Genba as part of the Ansei Purges for being a staunch suppporter for the Emperor, when she was still a young child, and was saved from death in the same incident by the brave actions of her late father's acquaintance, Zagashira, and apprentice, Ebisu. With her home destroyed in the same fire, Kakunoj�, along with Zagashira and Ebisu, formed the Yuyama troupe and visit various regions around the country, to seek Hario, those who murdered her parents and exact revenge upon them. Their group was soon joined by Ibaragi S�tetsu, an intelligent playwright, and later by Shiranui Kozo and Kakashi no Keishin, both of whom were attracted to the group's ideals. (Source: Wikipedia)