Also Known As:

  • God
  • Guardian of Earth

He is known respectfully in Japanese as Kami-sama as a title meaning "God". Kami was the good half of the Namekian that came to be the God of Earth, with his evil half becoming the Piccolo Daimao. In the anime, he competed with Garlic for the position and won. 300 years later, Garlic's son Garlic Jr., bearing a perpetual grudge, attempted twice to fight for the title and lost. He then watched over the planet for centuries to ensure its safety. Seeing the spawn of his other half Piccolo threatening the planet, he goes to Earth in secret and competes in the Tenka-ichi Bud�kai by possessing a human. After advancing to the semifinals he battles Piccolo, trying to trap him in a bottle using the Mafūba. Piccolo is able to overcome it by reversing the attack, trapping Kami in the bottle himself. He then swallows the bottle for safe keeping before losing Kami in his match with Son Goku. During the Artificial Human Saga, Kami agreed to merge and rejoin Piccolo so they would be a match for the Artificial Humans. Source - Wikipedia