Kamito Kazehaya


Also Known As:

  • Ren Ashbell

Age: 13 (Ren Ashbell), 16 Contracted Spirits: Restia, Est The main protagonist of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. He sees Claire bathing in the forest and becomes her slave spirit. He is also friends with other girls in the academy. His Spirit is Terminus Est. His past Spirit was the Darkness Spirit Restia. He was trained at the Instructional School, and was disguised as the Strongest Blade Dancer Ren Ashbell in the past. Inside of him, he has the power of the Demon King, Ren Ashdoll. He gets amnesia in the prologue of Vol.12. Attacks: Vorpal Blast- Sends out jet black lightening to attack the enemy Absolute Blade Arts- First Form, Purple Lightning Absolute Blade Arts- Third Form, Shadowmoon Waltz Absolute Blade Arts- Fourth Form, Blazing Slash Absolute Blade Arts- Sixth Form, Crushing Fang Absolute Blade Arts- Ninth Form, Destructive Form, Bursting Blossom Spiral Blade Dance, sixteen Consecutive Strikes Absolute Blade Arts- Final Form, Last Strike- Counter Technique Absolute Blade Arts- Final Form, Double Last Strike - Counter Technique Dual Wielding Dual Blade Technique- Orochi, Countless Slashes of Short One Handed Swords