Kamui Shirou


* Gender: Male * Age: 15 * Date of Birth: Unknown * Powers: Powerful psychic, demonstrating telekinetic ability, the proverbial "power (authority) of God" * Kekkai (barrier field): Perfect sphere (anime only) * Relatives: Shirou Tooru / Magami Tooru (mother; deceased), Magami Tokiko * Romantic Interests: Monou Kotori * Closer Friends : Monou Fuma When the audience is first introduced to Kamui at the very beginning of X, he appears to be nothing more than a brooding and somewhat cocky fifteen year old from Okinawa who is gifted with extraordinary telekinetic powers. He has returned to the place where he spent his early childhood, Tokyo, for the first time in six years, prompted to do so by the mysterious dying words of his mother, Shirou Tooru, that his destiny awaited him in Tokyo. Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleKamui is leader of a group of survivors residing in the Tokyo Tocho building. Charismatic and mysterious, wielding strange inhuman powers, he is bent on recovering a certain person and is ready to do anything to accomplish that goal. Later on it is revealed that he is a vampire and the twin to Subaru, the vampire Seishirou is chasing after. As payment for Subaru's wish, Kamui gives Fai his blood to save the latter's life.