Kanade Minamino

南野 奏

Also Known As:

  • Cure Rhythm

Kanade is also a 14-year-old student in the second year of Private Aria Academy junior high, and she is Hibiki's childhood friend and classmate. Kanade is an excellent student, but she is not really good at sports like Hibiki. Her excellent grades and personality make her sort of a celebrity in her school. Kanade acts very mature, but she's really quite stubborn sometimes. She belongs to the Sweets Club in Aria Academy. She dreams of being a pastry chef when she grows up and taking over her parents' pastry shop, the Lucky Spoon. She has a crush on the school's prince of music, Ouji. She also has a strong love for cats, especially Hummy, whose paw she finds pleasant to touch. Her potential of being a Pretty Cure was awakened when she and Hibiki were rendered immune to Siren's attack, and through her musical score, she transforms into Cure Rhythm. As Cure Rhythm, her normally-dirty blonde hair tints platinum blonde and becomes knee-length. Her theme color is white, with light pink as a sub color, and her Fairy Tone is Rery. Her main weapon is the Fantastic Belltier, which uses the Fairy Tone, Fary. She introduces herself as "Playing the graceful tune, Cure Rhythm!" (爪弾����や��調��キュアリズム�, Tsumabiku wa taoyaka na shirabe, Kyua Rizumu!) (Source: Wikipedia)