Kanako Sasa


Also Known As:

  • Sasa-chan
  • Kanabun

Kanako is a girl who is a fifth grader in Shūichi's class at the beginning of H�r� Musuko. Her nickname is Sasa-chan, but she is also called Kanabun by her younger brother and Chizuru. While she makes her first appearance in chapter two of the manga, she is not given a name until volume two. She is a short, energetic girl who likes to think of herself as everyone's friend, and easily becomes distressed when her friends fight amongst themselves. In such times, Kanako acts as a mediator between her friends, and tries not to leave anyone alone. She has been friends with Yoshino since pre-school, and later becomes close friends with Chizuru upon entering junior high school. Kanako comes off as an innocent, childish girl who does not have many worries aside from her friends' quarrels. She tends to be a handful for her mother who picks out her clothes for her, and even helps her get ready for school in the morning. She mentions that if she thinks too hard about something, her brain becomes itchy.