Kanako Yamazaki

山崎 加奈子

A surly, gruff, authoritative young woman who lives with Yayoi and takes care of her. She hires Murata Hideo to do odd jobs for her, much to his chagrin. She is a vicious fighter and extremely protective of Yayoi. Her motives for attacking Hajime and Arashi are not clear until later on in the series. Kanako is one of the shadows in the story-telling portions of the anime. Kanako is actually another ghost of a girl who died during World War II. When she was alive, being from a working class family, she was made to labour and never experienced the privileges that girls like Arashi, Kaja, and Yayoi had. She often spurned Yayoi's advances, as her pride and spite took control of her. Eventually however, she becomes Yayoi's friend through the smaller girl's kindness.