Race: Human Class: Monk, former Swashbuckler Subclass: Chef, former Traveler of Seven Lands Affiliation: Debauchery Tea Party Kanami was the former leader of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party before she moved to Europe and started a new account on the European servers. She is traveling with Leonardo, Elias Hackblade, and Coppelia. Elias briefly chats with Leonardo before Kanami calls Elias' attention with a nickname, "Eri-Eri," much to the Ancient's distaste. By this time, she is already rather familiar with Elias, much to Leonardo's confusion. When Coppelia is healing Leonardo, she and Elias leave first to encounter some monsters. When Coppelia and Leonardo catch up, Kanami calls him "Gero-nardo," much to his annoyance.