Kanaru Morimoto


A somewhat timid girl who is acquainted with Shin, Megumi, and Takur�. She is very interested in Shadow Extraction, and she asked Takur� to do a Shadow Extraction on her, which seems to be a forced invoking of a Persona to create a euphoria similar to taking a drug. She suffers from occasional memory loss where she sometimes cannot remember why she is at a place or even where she is at. In the past, she and Mayuri lived in a nursing facility. She becomes addicted to Shadow Extraction and this may have caused multiple personalties dues to her sudden change in attitude and manner when talking to people, as well as suddenly saying things about what a Persona is with out remembering what she said. She also demonstrates a romantic interest in Shin which is later confirmed by Yuki. She is eventually revealed to be a machine, much in the same nature as Aigis from Persona 3. Unfortunately, because of her artificial nature, her working lifespan is much shorter than a human's lifespan. After severing ties with Marebito, she peacefully dies in the company of Shin. Kanaru is unique in that she has the ability to invoke two Persona rather than the conventional one. However, the first one seen (in episode 20) proves to be the Persona of her "other personality" that is loyal to Marebito. She later invokes her own during a fierce fight between the Marebito and her friends, which briefly pacifies the battlefield in a stunning display of power. While most of the Persona in the series are humanoid, Kanaru's looks much simpler and resembles a jellyfish. Megumi comments that it's because Kanaru's is just a "baby Persona". Despite the death of it's "master", her friends some how manage to invoke this Persona one last time during the final battle.