Kanata Wakamiya

若宮 奏多

Also Known As:

  • Reiga Giou
  • Fowler

A childhood friend of Yuki, who grew up with him in the orphanage. Yuki considers him to be an older brother and wanted to emulate his independence. Kanata frequently asked Yuki to come live with him and appears to be against Yuki's residence in the Twilight Mansion. Kanata carries the "Book of Raziel." He is actually Reiga's human reincarnation. Due to an as yet unspecified incident involving fire, he has come to hate humans and desires their destruction, although he's conflicted on whether or not to kill Yuki. He even asks himself if he will be "consumed by his memories or his hate." In the manga, it is explained that the power of the soul of the half-Duras Reiga was too strong for his fully human incarnations before they reached maturity, which is why his power and memories as Reiga are sealed away until his physical body could withstand the strain of all his power. (Source: Wikipedia)