Kanate is sarcastic and has no problem telling others what he thinks of them. He has no shame in his actions. Kanate is very competitive with Hinohara for Kotoha's affections which Kannagi pokes fun at. Kanate is picked on by Kannagi who grows annoyed whenever Kanata mentions to Hinohara they shouldn't allow a sneaky weaponless shinshou into their group. Kanate is bitter towards his brothers and father for abandoning him and Ginchi during a raid. Kanate wishes to grow stronger to seek revenge on his family for their betrayal. Kanate is upset on how weak he is compared to Hinohara and Kannagi; so when one of Kugura's Zokushou offers him a chance to wield a Hayagami he jumps for the opportunity. However, after becoming a Zokushou, he leaves the group and murders all the members of the thief clan he once was a member of.