Kanetsugu Naoe

直江 兼続

Also Known As:

  • Gutsugutsu

A retainer of Yoshihiko Tokugawa. She admires him a lot which she often uses 'Love' as a representation of that feeling. Considered as a 'Baka' type of person. She often boasts of her skills and claims she's an expert in English (In reality, she's really bad at English). Her weapon is an oversized hammer, which she is able to swing around with ease. She often claims to be a "warrior of love", dedicated to protecting pure love. But despite her claims, she often goes ballistic at the mere sight or mention of public affection. She believes that Muneakira Yagyu is an enemy to all women and love, and must be destroyed, though that belief was mostly influenced by lies told to her by Yoshihiko Tokugawa. Later she realized that she was just a pawn of Yoshihiko Tokugawa, and was expendable from the start. She became Muneakira's master samurai in episode 3 of season 2.