Also Known As:

  • Kannabi no Mikoto

Kanna is a young girl also known as Kannabi no Mikoto, since "-bi no mikoto" is the formal suffix given to all winged beings. She is one of the last winged beings in history. Kanna was deified out of fear for the awesome power inherent in all of her kind, so from birth, Kanna had been kept in isolated areas away from the general populace. Not long after meeting Ryuya and Uraha, she escaped with them in order to find her mother, the only other winged being left. While not knowing much about the outside world, Kanna adamantly took up learning how to juggle in the hope that she would one day be able to show her mother upon their reunion. As she traveled with her guardians, Kanna began to develop feelings for Ryuya, and when the party became surrounded by guards, she took to the sky as a diversion after surrounding Ryuya and Uraha with a protective shield. While in the air, Buddhist monks cast a spell that bound her into a cycle of eternal reincarnation and suffering that Ryuya fought to break until his death, leaving it up to his descendants to find a way to free Kanna, a cycle which culminated in his descendant, Yukito, and the girl, Misuzu. (Source: Wikipedia)