Kano Kirishima


Age: 15 Hair color: blue Eye color: green Height: 156cm Weight: 45kg Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-53-80cm Relations: Hijiri Kirishima (older sister) Likes: Potato (a stray dog that is always with her), magic, flying Kano Kirishima is a young girl who lives with her older sister, Hijiri Kirishima, at the local Clinic. Kano is a bit strange because of her belief in magic; however, she is an outgoing girl who loves the town's stray dog, "Potato." After learning her mother died giving birth, Kano dreams of flying to meet her mother who she believes is watching down on them. Kano constantly wears a yellow scarf around her wrist, convinced she'll be able to use magic as an adult if she never takes it off. Kano's first appears when Yukito Kunisaki is hired by her sister. Soon after becoming friends with Yukito, she reveals her dreams of flying and the reasoning behind her scarf. One day, Kano disappears and Yukito finds her near the town shrine, where Kano attempts to strangle Yukito. He soon finds out from Hijiri that Kano did strange things such as muttering nonsense and trying to commit suicide when she was younger. Hijiri then explains that after Kano attempted to slit her wrists, she put the scarf around it and fabricated the story of gaining magic powers, hoping this cause Kano's suicidal acts to subside. Later, Yukito, Misuzu and Hijiri find a letter from Kano saying she overheard the whole thing and that she's going to fly away. They go search for her and find her at the shrine again. This time, her scarf has been taken off and there is blood around her wrist with no visible wound. A feather then begins to glow on the shrine and Yukito gives it to Kano, invoking a hallucination where Kano sees her mother. During this hallucination, Kano thanks her mother for giving birth to her and tells her she no longer needs the scarf. When Kano comes back, she tells everyone she saw her mother and that she is alright now. Kano then lets the scarf fly away into the wind. [Written by MAL Rewrite]