Kanon Ozu

小津 歌音

Kanon is a slim teenage girl, with blond hair and red eyes. She wears a white blouse, a blue ribbon bow tie, and a orange cardigan. She also wears a blue skirt with brown high heel boots. During the winter, she would wear a brown coat, dark red mittens, and a red plaid scarf. She is part of the "Clean-up crew" who defected to the Division 1, a unit of rogue JSDF survivors who are determined to destroy the world by spreading the contamination world wide. It was pointed out that the reason for her and her sister's defection was that they were distraught of the fact that "Coppelions" weren't meant to live long and that their deaths are instantaneous once their time is up, after she accidentally heard Haruto and Onihei's discussion about a "Coppelion's" life span. Aside from having super strength she is capable of emitting electrical discharge from her body which she uses as her weapon (Source: Coppelion Wikia)