Kanon Toudou

藤堂 花音

Kanon is a character introduced later in the story like Serena. She is usually very elegant and reserved, with her brown hair and light brown eyes. However when it comes to Hibiki she gets all fired up to stop competition for him. She and Rizumu had a rivalry regarding him, while Rizumu didn't know that Kanon was actually his younger sister. She is a typical sister who loves her brother too much, even though Hibiki doesn't know. She is also from the Kyoto while Hibiki isn't but continue to come make sure Rizumu and Hibiki don't become a couple. Kanon's Prism Jumps are "Lovely Rainbow" (ラブリーレインボー) and "Smile-Smile Heart Dive" (スマイルスマイル�ートダイブ). (Source: Wikipedia)