Kansho Kochu

黃忠 漢升

A monk that worked alongside Genchoku Josho at Tougenin. He first appeared to block Chouhi when she and Ryubi went to look for Kanu, who was in turn looking for Koumei. He appears to be quite embarrassed by girls, given that he blushes a lot when he sees female flesh or belongings such as panties. He is very strong, however, being able to fight off Teni with ease by being able to block and break her blades with his bare hands as well as take a shot by Hyakuhekit� to the shoulder and still be able to subdue Ryomou when her dragon was unleashed. It is implied that he will kill Kakouen, just like his predecessor did 1,800 years ago. In the anime, when he put on the Shinro Stone necklace (which reveals a person's true nature), he began hitting on Kanu and Chouhi, which led to him getting beaten up on occasion. However, since he does not fight Teni in the anime, it is unknown how strong he really is. At the end of Dragon Destiny, he is seen in a restaurant with Chouhi, who could now be his sweetheart.