Kaori Shiraishi

白石 里香

Student council president at Juu's school. Kaori claims she once "killed" someone by not returning his love, resulting in his suicide. It is later discovered that Kaori had once dated Kazuko's brother but dumped him in favor of another man who was destined for great financial security. This causes Kazuko's brother to commit suicide, which indirectly sets off the chain of events within episode 2. She is later harassed by Kazuko, culminating in a confrontation where Kazuko's attempts to make Kaori cut off parts of her own body. The stress of having her true past revealed and the trauma of being attacked by Kazuko cause Kaori to have a mental breakdown. She attempts to kill Juu by pushing him in front of a car to obtain his "happiness". However, the car swerves to avoid Juu and instead crushes Kaori against a wall, resulting in her death.