Kaoru Kamiya

神谷 薫

Also Known As:

  • Missy
  • Racoon Girl
  • Ugly Hag
  • Jo-chan

Age: 17 Birthday: June 1862 Sign: Gemini Height: 155 cm Weight: 41 kg Blood Type: O Affiliations: Kamiya dojo, Kamiya Kasshinryuu The primary instructor of the Kamiya Kasshinryuu fighting style developed by her late father, Kamiya Koshijirou, Kaoru inherited a small dojo from her father after he was killed during the Seinan War and operates it by herself. Naturally, she is independent, possessive, compassionate, courageous, feisty, strong-willed, and a great fighter to boot- with only the occasional mood swing. Kaoru is also known for her cooking disliked by her friends and family and her ability to see the good in others.