Kaoru Tanamachi


Also Known As:

  • Warhead of Kibitou

Age: 16-17 Class: 2-A Height: 168 cm Weight: 55 kg Birthday: August 1 Blood type: B One of Junichi's childhood friends, and is often seen with his other friend Masayoshi. She is unpredictable as she would punch Junichi anytime. She works part-time at a Family Restaurant to support her single mother. She is the main female character on the second arc in the anime. Kaoru is the second heroine of Amagami - Precious Diary. Her ending in the game. Best End: Her mother is getting married to another man and this is a big issue for Kaoru. Tachibana becomes her emotional support throughout. On Christmas, they spend the night in Tachibana's room. The game ends with them riding a bike together. They'll be "bad" friends forever.[Ending they use in the anime] Good End: They're both in college, sharing a place together. She cuts his hair. She realizes they'll be "bad" friends for a long time to come. Normal End: Keiko (Kaoru's friend) is dumped again. Tachibana encourages her. Keiko asks him to be her boyfriend. Kaoru punches him in the face. There's no other girl for him but her, she yells. Bad End: She's crushed but forgives him by throwing him in a river during winter. Tachibana floats away while she yells that she still loves him. --Ignored Epilogue are epilogue if you ignore her. She draws on the side and gets published. She doesn't tell Tachibana about it despite being friends. source: http://pastebin.com/T97YkmaQ