Katsuhito Masaki

柾木 勝仁

Also Known As:

  • YÅ�shÅ�

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki: Katsuhito Masaki, also known as Y�sh� Masaki Jurai, is the son of Emperor Azusa Jurai and his first wife Funaho. When Ryoko attacked Jurai on Kagato's orders, Y�sh� fought her off. He chased Ryoko to Earth when she fled, eventually defeating her and sealing her within a cave outside the Masaki shrine. To protect the shrine's secret, he became a shinto priest. His half-sisters Ayeka (who also considered him to be her betrothed) and Sasami immediately set out after him, but failed to locate him for another 700 years. Despite this, Y�sh� maintained contact with Jurai, eventually marrying Airi Masaki. Together, they had two daughters, Kiyone and Minaho Masaki. Katsuhito is also Tenchi and Tennyo's grandfather. Tenchi Universe and movies 1 & 3: Kasuhito Masaki, also known as Y�sh�, is the crown prince of Jurai, who vanished a number of years before the start of Tenchi Universe. After his fight with Kagato, he fled to Earth with his lover, Haruna. Tragically, Haruna died shortly after arriving on Earth. Yosho buried her next to her tree, a Juraian camellia and proceeded to plant camellias from the seeds from her tree wherever he went. Despite his grief at Haruna's death, Y�sh� fell in love with a the daughter of a local priest, Itsuki Masaki, and married her. At the marriage ceremony, he took on a new name: Katsuhito Masaki. He also took on the duties of a shinto priest. Katsuhito and Itsuki had a daughter, Achika Masaki. Achika married Nobuyuki Masaki and had a son, Tenchi Masaki. Tenchi in Tokyo: Katsuhito Masaki is a shinto priest with no special powers (surprise!). He had a daughter (name unknown) who married Nobuyuki. The daughter was the chosen guardian of the Earth; her necklace turned into a sword to help defend the planet. When she died, Tenchi became the new guardian of the Earth, although he didn't know it until Yugi started causing problems in Tokyo.