Katsura Fujisawa

Katsura Fujisawa is a free-lance reporter who decided to follow ETU during the current season. She was previously following Tokyo Victory. She decides to follow ETU during their season after taking interest in the team following Tatsumi's claim that he will "make Japanese football interesting" at the coach's press conference. It was a huge gamble on her part as if Tatsumi's claim proved a load of hot-air, she would lose an entire year and as a freelance journalist, be greatly negatively impacted by it. During ETU's losing streak, she managed to get a small article published on the team that was panned by fellow journalist as reading like a high school essay but the photographer Tamotsu Kudo agreed with her assessment that ETU was due for a win because Tatsumi's face was becoming livelier after each of the five matches ETU lost during the beginning of the season. She does not think much of Yamai.