Kayra Su


As the Londo Bell's number two pilot - second, of course, to Amuro Ray - Kayra fills in as mobile suit team leader while the famous ace is away. Initially a Jegan pilot, she inherits Amuro's Re-GZ after the completion of the ν Gundam. Kayra's courage and cheerful personality are inspirational to the Londo Bell's soldiers, but her skills prove insufficient to battle Neo Zeon's Newtypes. She has a relationship with Astonaige Medoz and tells him that she loves him just before her final sortie, though Astonaige apparently didn't catch that. In battle with Gyunei Guss, the Re-GZ is heavily damaged and she is taken captive. Gyunei attempts to capture Amuro and the ν Gundam, but when Amuro's Fin Funnels instinctively rescue Amuro, Gyunei kills Kayra, breaking her spine. Amuro takes her death hard, realizing that the Fin Funnels were tuned too sensitive. (Source: Gundam Wikia)