Kayura Tsurugino

剣野 カユラ

A new transfer student to Hakuou Academy, and a new tenant to the Violet Mansion. She first appears as the replacement for Wataru Tachibana at Hakuou. She soon becomes good friends with Nagi. She is very into games, anime and manga, due to her early childhood. She was first introduced in the movie, Heaven is a Place on Earth before being introduced in the manga. It is revealed that due to her parents that she has always been around anime, manga, and games since she was born and had read over 100 000 manga. It said she was named after Lady Kayura from Ronin Warriors. Hayate asked her to become an adviser for Nagi's manga, but she refused. She is also very supportive of cosplay, and often is seen wearing a costume of some anime. As with most other characters that go to Hakuou Academy, she is also a grade-skipper. Due to her manga experience, she is also able to understand Nagi's doujinshi manga, along with Isumi. According to Hayate, she is an elite Otaku. (Source: Hayate no Gotoku Wikia)