Also Known As:

  • Sekirei No.03

Height: 170 cm Weight: 53 kg Sekirei No: 03 Three size: 98/60/92 She becomes Minato's fifth Sekirei and her power is wind (derived from her name "kaze" which means wind and "Hana" which means flower). She meets Minato at the "Izumo inn" and seems to know his father (was possibly in-love with him and wanted to be his Sekirei). Because of Minato's possible resemblance to his father, she begins to develop feelings towards him and eventually becomes his Sekirei. She later addresses herself as minato's "new wife". Personality: Normally, Kazehana displays a very relaxed personality and often becomes giddy when discussing matters of love. She's also confident in her natural sex appeal and not afraid to speak her mind as she openly admitted in front of the others that she loved MBI Director Minaka Hiroto, however she was rejected after the confession as he loved someone else. She seems to show hatred towards Takami Sahashi as she could be the person that Minaka Hiroto loved. Due to this, Kazehana stated that she didn't had any interest in things such as the Sekirei Plan because she didn't expect to like and accept an Ashikabi other than Minaka. She questioned herself however if Minato would be able to convince her to become his Sekirei and decided to put him up to the test. Despite Minato's lack of 'manliness', his concern and love for his Sekirei caused Kazehana to develop feelings for him and she eventually became his Sekirei. Like Tsukiumi, Kazehana addresses herself as Minato's 'wife'. Currently she competes for Minato's affection by joining the shopping contests and wearing all kinds of outfits from Uzume's collection in order to make him "happy". (Source: Wikipedia, Sekirei Wikia)