Also Known As:

  • Khoury

Khoury (Japanese: カズナリ Kazunari) is a Trainer from Johto as well as a friend of Lyra's. They both debuted in An Egg Scramble!. Khoury traveled to Sinnoh with Lyra and his father where they all took part in the Johto Festival. He wanted to visit Sinnoh so that he could observe and hopefully catch the native Pokémon. He was also interested in learning about Pokémon breeding and asked if Brock would mentor him. Khoury tends to panic very easily but is always very excited to meet a new Pokémon. In A Rivalry to Gible On!, after encountering a wild Gible, Khoury became determined to capture it to raise it into "an awesome Gabite," which he eventually did after a closely-fought competition with Ash who had the same goal. In Bagged Then Tagged!, he had a tag battle with Lyra against Ash and Dawn. Despite his Totodile evolving into Croconaw during the match, he and Lyra eventually lost. At the end, Khoury, his father, and Lyra left on a blimp headed to Johto and said their good-byes. Khoury had also agreed to become Lyra's traveling buddy, upon her request. Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Khoury