Kazuya Ichinose


Also Known As:

  • Erik Eagle
  • Field Magician
  • The Magician of the field

Aki and Domon's childhood friend back when they were in America together. Ichinose has the dream of turning America into a soccer nation. In the FFI arc, he joins the American team The Unicorn. In Go, he was mentioned by Tenma in both the game and the anime His hissatsu shoot are: [Season one] Spinning shoot, Spiral shot, Tri Pegasus (with Endou and Domon), The Phoenix (with Endou and Domon), Emperor Penguin No. 2 (with Kidou and Gouenji) and the Final Tornado (with Endou, Domon and Gouenji) [Season two] Flame Dance and Twin Boost [Season three] Pegasus shot, Emperor Penguin no.2 (with Kidou and Fubuki) and Gran Fenrir (with Mark and Dylan)