Kei Munakata

宗像 形

Also Known As:

  • Last Carpet

Age: 17 Blood Type: AB Mentality: Abnormal Class: Class 13 Relatives: Shori Wanizuka or rather Koi Munakata. Munakata is a member of the 13th party and part of the Flask Plan. Although he acts calm and reserved most of the time he always has the huge urge to kill people, due to his Abnormality. Munakata says himself that he doesn't kill without reason, it's more like all reasons are good enough for him to kill someone. He's on the nation's most wanted list. Maguro Kurokami, who was also part of the Flask Plan, taught Munakata how to use Hidden Weapons. Although Munakata can pull out a vast amount of weapons his movement with them totally sucks, this is related to his Abnormality. He doesn't think of a weapon as an extended part of his body like a warrior would, they´re just tools to kill in his opinion. Because of that he isn't really attached to them either. When he loses his weapons his speed increases drastically, since all these weapons slow him down. When walking through a city at a young age, Munakata first realized how fragile human lives are. Despite his constantly urge to kill someone he knows that killing people is wrong and therefore he hasn't killed anyone. He always carried weapons with him to keep people at a distance to him, so he won't give in to his urge to kill them. His file on the nation's most wanted list was also just a lie to keep people away from him. This way of live was a really lonely one, so Munakata joined the Flask Plan to make friends. After being defeated by Zenkichi Munakata finally makes his first friend. Ten years later, Munakata has succeeded as head of the Munakata family, and now fights demons. (Sources: Medaka Box Wiki)