Keiichi Nakagawa

中川 圭一

A young, handsome patrol cop who serves as Ryo's comic foil. While holding down a day job in the police box in front of Kameari Park, Nakagawa is the son of Nakagawa Zaibatsu, and often has to zip off to board meetings in his exotic sports cars and private helicopters. He is quite handsome, an expert driver and marksman, and popular with all the lady cops. However, as a rich heir, he is also quite naive to the ways of the world. His policeman's uniform is an ¥300,000 yellow pinstripe suit made by Pierre Cardin. Though constantly surrounded by beautiful women throughout his duties, Nakagawa appears indifferent and his tendencies are somewhat ambiguous. He hates natto and his favorite car is his Ferrari. (Source: Wikipedia)