Keiji Maeda

前田 慶次

Also Known As:

  • The best dandy of Japan
  • Maeda of Yonezawa

Age:17 Height: 165cm B/W/H: 90/58/86 She was introduce in episode 6 of season 2 as a Ki Master from Yonezawa who was able to nearly defeat the "Black Samurais" in their first encounter, she came in to the True Shadow's maid cafe, disguise as Kanetsugu, unbeknownst to everyone that she is the one that they're looking for, only to find out that they've closed down for business. She is a vagabond, a master of disguise, a lesbian who hates men and has a breast fetish. She was also Kanetsugu's childhood friend, she was able to help Jubei regain her "Master Samurai" powers after revealing to everybody who she is. She uses a large parasol as her main weapon and travels around on her motorcycle. (Source: Otaku-streamers forum)