Keisuke Yamanami

山南 敬助

Also Known As:

  • Sannan

Keisuke Yamanami is one of the two vice-commanders for the Shinsengumi (the other vice-commander is Hijikata). He is a master of the Hokushin Itto Ryu swordsmanship style. Yamanami is often called "Sannan" (an alternate reading of the Kanji characters in his name) by both Hijikata and Kondo. Yamanami is well liked and respected by the Shinsengumi members, but is constantly in opposition to Hijikata and his style of leadership. In contrast to Hijikata, Yamanami tends to be more compassionate and thoughtful. Yamanami is consistently seen carrying an abacus with him. He says that he finds the abacus to be soothing, especially when he finds himself in a boiling rage. Yamanami likes children and especially has a soft heart for Tetsunosuke (Tetsu). Of course, Tetsu returns the friendship and has no problems publicly proclaiming that he would prefer to be his or Kondo's page, rather than Hijikata's page. Just like Hijikata, Yamanami is strongly opposed to Tetsu handling swords. Yamanami's feelings about this may have stemmed from how he was affected by his role in the assassination of the former Shinsengumi Commander, Serizawa Kamo. Ever since that incident, Yamanami seemed to be hesitant to draw his own sword and admitted to Tatsunosuke (Tetsu's brother) that "ever since the former commander passed on, bloodshed lost its appeal". Yamanami is in love with Akesato, a Shimabara courtesan. He maintains his relationship with her by visiting her at Shimabara as her customer. According to Todo Heisuke, Akesato waits exclusively on Yamanami.