Ken Nakajima

中嶋 剣

A motorcycle patrol officer stationed in Bokuto Precinct who is such a gifted rider that he might have a successful racing career if he wanted it. Ken is strong, tough and handsome but at the same time, was terribly shy. He and Miyuki share strong feelings for each other, but have difficulties expressing them. He is the only son of Daimaru Nakajima, managing a motorbike shop called ZAPPER, and the stepson of his teenaged stepmom Sena Wakabayashi. Details on his mother was not revealed, but it is known that his father became a widower before the OVA and first season series started. His peers call him "White Hawk" for his skills as a motorbike officer in chasing down various offenders. His family was from the Mie Prefecture. (Source: Wikipedia)